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Bundaberg Region Intentional Living Community Group

intentional living cooperative barter exchange

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Centre for Ecological Learning

The Centre for Ecological Learning provides Earth-based, immersive, and meaningful education experiences about the natural world and our relationship with it.

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deep adaptation xr Tasmania

This group is about practical local adaptation, in response to locked in climate change and a probable climate future. Please share and attend activities that strengthen local community resilience. Lets develop a library of community assets which contribute to helping the environment, encouraging richer community connection and sharing of skills needed for a sustainable future.

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Inner West Veggie Patch

A temporary and portable community garden near Middle Footscray train station.

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Kimberley Transitions

Kimberley Western Australia based regional and local transitions community projects and related research involving a network of like-minded women and men, including Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members, representatives from existing organisations, University of Notre Dame Kimberley researchers, visiting scholars and other change-makers, collaborate for multi-dimensional transitions.

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Lithgow Environment Group Inc.

Lithgow Environment Group seeks to preserve the balance of nature in our region, given the impacts of the area's industrial heritage. We are a transition coal fired powered and coal mining town, planning for the future with a Renewable Energy Hub and a sustainable economic Eco-Tourism Business Plan - Gardens of Stone Alliance.

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Permaculture Out West

Permaculture enthusiasts in Melbourne's western suburbs.

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Transition Street Norlane

Norlane group constantly helping people change areas of interest for a better home life and community.

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Transition Streets Sunbury

Building more resilient neighbourhoods in Sunbury, one street at a time.

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Transition Town Bayswater

Assisting our community to transition to a more sustainable and resilient way of life

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Transition Town Kensington

Flemington-Kensington Transition Group working to localise food and waste solutions. Inclusive of Kensington Compost, Kensington Compost Hub, Kensington Food Forest, Kensington Repair Hub.

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Transition Warringal

The local Transition group in Heidelberg 3084 and beyond connecting, inspiring and supporting people to live simply.

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Transition Network

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