Inspiring and supporting local communities as they build a sustainable future

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Transition Australia is part of an international movement of local communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

You can learn more about the movement, get inspired by what others are doing or get in contact with others through this website.

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Mooving to Zoom with Savouring Seeds Workshop

Transition is about the head, heart and hands. Seed sowing definitely has a hands-on element, but we are all learning how to adapt to the new online way of doing things. Here is an example of how Transition Bondi adapted… Transition Bondi offered their first zoom workshop – Savouring Seeds, this month. It was fun to organise, and exciting to … Read More

The era of COVID: reflections on “age” and shifting roles

In the Covid19 era, Kit Shepherd reflects on the shifting roles some of us experience as we move to online meetings: In my group I’m the oldest – and the convenor. Up until the ‘physical isolation’, I held strong roles in the area of face-to-face communication: welcoming new people as volunteers or guests, hosting dinners for seven people at fortnightly … Read More

Zoom kaboum! The face is not the person!

With all this Zooming, how is it affecting how we express ourselves, and how we relate to others? First of all, it brings the wide world into my lounge-room.  My private world is surrounded by walls and door, nicely contained and secure, but the screen opens out into channels and pathways that lead to the wide world of other people … Read More

Community Litter Action

Litter Action…….. Transition Streets 6.7 Illegal dumping and general litter costs local government around $70 million a year in collection and clean up costs. Community and volunteer groups like “Clean Up Australia” the various “Adopt A ….road, highway, town” groups, and bodies like “ Riverkeepers” are running clean up and collection events, and campaigns to raise public awareness. There are … Read More

Zero Waste Festivals

Zero Waste Festivals …….. Transition Streets 6.6 Festivals, food fairs, and large public events can be murder on waste. Plastic food containers, drink containers, zip-ties, packaging, and souvenirs generally end up in landfill. A typical music festival of 16,000 people can create 8 tonnes of waste. Community Groups, Land Care & Environmental groups, and many event organisers are working to … Read More

Repair Cafe and Fix It Initiatives

Repair It, Fix-It, Service It, …….. Transition Streets 6.5 Repair Cafés and Fix-It Initiatives are free meeting places, all about repairing things and keeping stuff out of landfill, of getting joy out of that favorite thing again. You’ll find tools and materials to help you make any repairs you need. On clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, ….. … Read More

Inspiring, connecting and supporting groups to build a localised, sustainable and just future


We are an organic network of groups that are growing and developing, and benefit from being connected.

The aim of this  website is to connect and support transition groups focusing on sustainability, food security, equity and cohesion. We want to make it easier for these groups to find each other, share resources, learn and be inspired

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