How can an individual make an impact on climate change? A Uni student doing an assignment on Sustainability approached me recently with this question. At first I thought I’d be able to reel off a lot of ideas. But even after preparing some detailed notes before our interview, my thoughts didn’t flow easily. So I decided to have a second … Read More

Moving House on Two Wheels

Have you ever tried to move house using only bicycles for transport? It can be done… and Transition Darebin proved it when a group of local people “moved Russell’s entire personal effects from East Brunswick to West Heidelberg”. The 15Km trip took “a few pleasant hours, via a scenic route along backstreets, through parks, along the creek and past a … Read More

NOT A GARDEN, A LABORATORY – the power of language

The language we use serves to frame the value we put on events and things. A recent conversation brought a light-bulb moment for me. And I look forward to taking this example of re-framing further to review other aspects of my life. A visitor asked for a tour of my balcony garden. I’m always reluctant to bring attention to it … Read More


  Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is an approach developed by Marshall Rosenburg to ‘inspire heartfelt connections between ourselves and other people – connections that allow everyone’s needs to be met through compassionate giving.’ He also defines it as “a natural state of compassion when violence has subsided from the heart”. What is it to be violent? Violence is not only physical … Read More

When Celebrating Leaves Us Sad!

Reflections on a celebratory event throw up questions about the down side of our party culture. Does letting our hair down have to entail forgetting about the problem of waste? A friend recently recounted the story of a happy event that she had attended, and which ended up making her feel very miserable. She is sensitive to environmental damage and … Read More

Raised garden beds

Raised garden beds are useful to separate the garden bed from the paths and thus protect the soil from people walking on it. It’s a great way to keep mulch contained within the bed, and you can add a framework to protect your plants from insect pests. If you make it waist height you can avoid bending or kneeling; and … Read More

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The aim of this  website is to connect and support transition groups focusing on sustainability, food security, equity and cohesion. We want to make it easier for these groups to find each other, share resources, learn and be inspired


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