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Transition Australia is part of an international movement of local communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

You can learn more about the movement, get inspired by what others are doing or get in contact with others through this website.

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Kitchen Garden students exploring the anatomy of flowers

Here is a delightful story of what children can do, if you only give them the opportunity. Even if it’s summertime now – it is still a good time to invite the children in your life, and the child within you, to spend time in nature and observe, create, enjoy. Botanical drawings – naming the parts of a flower In … Read More

Transition The Grove: Star Support

Transition The Grove Inc in Brisbane started in 2010, during the early days of the Transition movement in Australia. Here is a story of how the group has changed over time and still survives. A story of the value of a small group that focuses on strengthening relationships and resilience. Ed. Over the years we have grappled with the question … Read More

Letter from the Future

The Let’s Talk Transition online session on 9th November 2021 ended with Paul Shelton reading aloud to all participants his letter from the future. Try it in your group: someone reading it aloud to everyone in a reflective space: To the people gathered online on the evening of 9th of November 2021 I know that there are many of you … Read More

Talking Transition: what is Transition Culture?

Just what is Transition Culture? It’s a question we’ve had to answer a lot of times. At first it seems really hard to answer. The Transition Towns movement, or other groups that embody a localised, just and eco-regenerative future can be as diverse as a community garden, a food swap or an entire town or municipality starting the active journey … Read More

I would like to speak of the Tree

Vicki Edwards is offering here some food for thought, challenging some of our assumptions about renewable energy being the answer to our climate change predicament. An Ode to Tree and Nature Does Renewable Energy Fit In? There is a worldwide push to plant trees. I would like to speak of the Tree, not from a scientific point of view, nor … Read More

Choirs sing THANK YOU to Hospital staff and Health Workers

Choir members in Melbourne have been very moved hearing hospital staff and health workers talking about the relentless stress of dealing with the COVID health crisis. But what can choirs do to help? Sing a song of thanks and support, of course! So a group of Melbourne choirs and their supporters got together to create and sing a song.   … Read More

Inspiring, connecting and supporting groups to build a localised, sustainable and just future


We are an organic network of groups that are growing and developing, and benefit from being connected.

The aim of this  website is to connect and support transition groups focusing on sustainability, food security, equity and cohesion. We want to make it easier for these groups to find each other, share resources, learn and be inspired