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Transition Australia is a movement you can join. It is about communities coming together to address the big challenges we face by starting local. One of the key features of Transition is to motivate and support others. Transition Australia was set up to allow Transition Groups in Australia to share connect and support each other.

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Read stories of inspiration from groups around Australia. You will find lots of great ideas on a range of topics, from food swaps to housing.  See all articles

Everything we need: SBS podcast

In response to the global climate crisis the Transition movement encourages people to connect with others in their community to lead the way in creating the world we wish to see. A world where we not only survive and feel secure, but also thrive and live well, in ways that can make us happier, healthier and less conflicted – now … Read More

Making Peace: Reflections on Transition’s role

In April 2024, Transition Margaret River partnered with the Medical Association for Prevention of War (MAPW) to hold a one-day event, MAKING PEACE – IN THE WORLD, IN COUNTRY AND IN OURSELVES. The association with MAPW goes back several years, with a fabulous Peace Weekend in Margaret River in 2019 and several smaller events since then. Someone asked me in … Read More

A reconciliation event at Margaret River

A full house of some 440 people gathered at the Margaret River HEART – Nala Bardip Mia (Our Story House) on 1 November for an important event. Following soon after the ‘No’ result in the referendum to give Aboriginal people a Voice to Parliament, the presentation on “3000 generations and the next one” was an opportunity for the local community … Read More

Electrify Boroondara

Electrify Boroondara is an inner Melbourne, community-led alliance dedicated to accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. Their goal is to inspire the community to electrify through adding solar panels, limiting heat loss and gain in buildings, and by swapping gas appliances and petrol or diesel-powered vehicles for efficient, electric alternatives powered by clean energy. The alliance includes service organisations, … Read More

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Our resources are designed to give you practical help and lots of ideas. There is information on how to start a group, workbooks which walk you through the process step-by-step, podcasts and articles.

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Group Shot at the End with the Harvest TB19

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Starting a group is what Transition is all about. We can support you on your journey with workbooks full of ideas and resources.


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The Transition Streets workbook will guide you through how to get started. You can also complete the course online


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