Inspiring and supporting local communities as they build a sustainable future

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Transition Australia is part of an international movement of local communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

You can learn more about the movement, get inspired by what others are doing or get in contact with others through this website.

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Book review of 470: a novel by Linda Woodrow

470 parts per million. What would life be like at that level of C02 in the atmosphere? 470 brilliantly imagines this world, in the particular context of Byron Bay and its hinterland in northern New South Wales. This novel is set barely ten years into the future, scarily close to the present. Is it a dystopian or utopian future? Probably … Read More

The Power of Stories

At Transition Australia’s  monthly Conversation Café (zoom) on 28 August 2022, stories were the thing! Of course telling the brief story of where we were joining the Café from, stating the group we are part of, and also saying what we hoped to get out of the gathering. To gently begin the sharing about what is happening in our environmental … Read More

Life in an Ecovillage

We are the Sorensens, an architect/artist couple in our middle years and without children or much family to speak of. We have lived in the Margaret River region of WA for nearly 30 years and are very embedded in the local community. Environmental activism, volunteering, instigating, facilitating and educating have always been part of our lives. Recently we have moved … Read More

Organising an edible garden trail

The Sydney Edible Garden Trail is an annual urban edible garden trail run throughout Metropolitan Sydney. It celebrates the many ways that Sydney residents are creating food security, building self-reliance, saving money and the environment, while enjoying the health benefits of homegrown fruit and veg. Our aim is to encourage and inspire growing edible produce in street gardens, home gardens … Read More

Growing Our Own Veggies

We know that sustainable living is more than just about growing fruit and veggies, but providing our own local, organically grown food using Permaculture principles is not only intensely satisfying it also makes great economic and environmental sense. We live on 600m2 in Sydney’s greater west and for years I would contribute to the family larder by growing vegetables but … Read More

Libraries of tools & things

Several libraries without books have been appearing across Australia in recent times. Some of these are tool libraries and some are libraries of things. They all aim to encourage people to borrow instead of buying in order to create a better connected, more sustainable and stronger community. The Sydney Library of Things Inc began operation in late 2021 as a … Read More

Inspiring, connecting and supporting groups to build a localised, sustainable and just future


We are an organic network of groups that are growing and developing, and benefit from being connected.

The aim of this  website is to connect and support transition groups focusing on sustainability, food security, equity and cohesion. We want to make it easier for these groups to find each other, share resources, learn and be inspired