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Transition Australia is part of an international movement of local communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

You can learn more about the movement, get inspired by what others are doing or get in contact with others through this website.

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Water in Your Home

Where is the Water…….. Transition Streets 4.3 Sydney Water have made this chart to show where water is used and roughly how much. Appliance/source Litres (lt) used Shower Regular showerhead Water efficient showerhead 10 lt / minute 6-7 lt/ minute Bath Average bath 110 lt Toilet Single flush toilet Older dual flush toilet (1983s model) Modern dual flush toilet (2005 or … Read More

Grey Water Diverters

Capturing that waste water…….. Transition Streets 4.4 Apart from a bucket in the shower, and using a sink insert bucket when washing up, the only way to capture that waste water is by inserting a diversion point into the plumbing.     This can be as simple as a rubber funnel inserted into the inspection hole on the out flow … Read More

How Much Water Do You Use?

A quiz to estimate your water use …….. Transition Streets 4.2 Hunter Water developed this quick quiz to estimate how much water your household might use – Water Use Calculator. How did you compare? Did it match your household water bill?


Shaping your garden for water …….. Transition Streets 4.7 Swales – taking advantage of any slope in your garden to slow and capture rain water, or creating mini storage areas in the ground itself, by building earthworks and ditches. Canberra Permaculture Design have written a detailed account of one of their projects. And Gardening Australia made this video – Series … Read More

Down Pipes and Tanks

Rainwater Collection …….. Transition Streets 4.6 Diverting, collecting, cleaning, and storing rainwater is a complex task. The most simple is a down pipe diverter running into a small storage tank. The more complex become total water management systems – to get into the technical details use the ATA Tankulator – tank size estimates, tank materials, tank placement and more. And … Read More

Grey Water Systems

More than a purple hose …….. Transition Streets 4.5 Systems for treating the grey water can be super complex and expensive. So have a look at this Living Big in a Tiny House video – a Permaculture based Grey Water Treatment system – effective reuse of both water and materials. Other systems can built using settling tanks and reed beds … Read More

Inspiring, connecting and supporting groups to build a localised, sustainable and just future


We are an organic network of groups that are growing and developing, and benefit from being connected.

The aim of this  website is to connect and support transition groups focusing on sustainability, food security, equity and cohesion. We want to make it easier for these groups to find each other, share resources, learn and be inspired

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