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How to change the world, one street at a time;
A sustainability program for local neighbourhoods in Australia

Transition Streets

Transition Streets is a community based program where residents are encourage to live more sustainably. An organiser will gather a group of local residents and host workshops with challenges from the Transition Streets workbook which has ideas and practical examples of sustainable lifestyle changes that we can all do right now. The workbook is easy to follow and aims to encourage co-operation and creativity.

The Transition movement (originally called Transition Towns) began in Totnes, UK in 2006. There are now hundreds of Transition groups around the globe, exploring local strategies for building low carbon, resilient communities able to respond to the challenges of climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation.

We hope that through Transition Streets you will develop relationships within your immediate neighbourhood that will help you explore and respond to some of the significant environmental challenges before us. Whilst we face an uncertain future, we also have the opportunity to think about the type of community we want to live in and to start creating an alternative vision now.

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  Stories of Transition


The 2019 Transition Australia Convergence was held on Sunday 15th September in Melbourne with the theme: Networks for Action It’s no exaggeration to say that we face a crisis. We need to do more than stop emissions, pollution, waste and habitat destruction but also rapidly reverse course to enable developing countries to bring their populations out of poverty. It ... Read More

Transition Streets in Newcastle

This is an edited version of an article Rob Hopkins wrote after interviewing Graeme and Cathy Stuart, Transition Newcastle, when they introduced Transition Streets to Australia. Since this interview Graeme and Cathy have worked closely with some Melbourne transitioners to create the national version of the workbook, and Transition Streets groups are springing up in Melbourne and Geelong and other … Read More

Five tips for sustainability

Highett Neighbourhood Community House created a 5 tip series that illustrates sustainable tips from the Transition Streets booklet to share with their members. These three Transition Streets bite-sized tips were shared to remind members that small changes make a big difference. They were shared on the Facebook page and in a monthly newsletter and could be used in conjunction with the … Read More

Transition Streets in Geelong

The Transition Streets program has really taken off in Geelong, with at least 8 groups so far and growing. Here is Monica’s story of how it all started. At the beginning of 2017 I was feeling burned out. I had been a founding member of Geelong Sustainability and on the committee for 5.5 years and had organised a host of … Read More

21 Stories of Transition

  In the lead up to climate change talks in Paris, Rob Hopkins launched his book  21 Stories of Transition: how a movement of communities is coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world. Transition Streets in Australia was one of the 21 stories, submitted by Graeme Stuart of Transition Newcastle. The book tells the stories of ordinary people who … Read More

Transition Streets in postcode 3081

Transition Streets – Bamfield Road commenced in May 2015 with approximately 10 neighbours and a few other occasional guests. We were guided by the Transition Streets workbook which was adapted to the Australian context, and printed for us free, thanks to a council grant. Together we explored topics like Water, Energy, Food, Transport and Consumption/Waste over monthly delicious potluck dinners … Read More

Transition Streets – Megan’s Story

Megan lives in Greensborough, a suburb of Melbourne. She is a member of Transition Banyule and started a Transition Streets group in 2015. In 2017 she started Sustainable Greensborough. Transition Streets is a program that has helped me and my neighbours become more sustainable in our daily lives and save money. And more importantly, it has created a true neighbourhood … Read More

Transition Streets in Kingston

Kingston local government area is in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. Transition Kingston people were part of the Transition Streets National Working Group that created the National Transition Streets workbook. Then they started a Transition Streets group, which grew to become Transition Kingston. Here is their story. Transition Kingston supported by Kingston Council have introduced a neighbourhood sustainability program … Read More