Transition Australia Membership application

If you support the Purposes of Transition Towns Australia Inc and agree to comply with the Rules and policies you can apply to join as a member. If you are under 15 years of age, we will consider you an Associate Member (ie no voting rights) until you turn 15. Meanwhile we welcome you…….

If you are a member of a group, you, as an individual, can join as a member; and your group can apply to join as an Associate Member – see separate form.

A member has voting rights, an Associate Member does not (but we encourage individual people within a group to join as members).

Please fill out all the fields in the Membership form below to become a member

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If choosing Direct Bank Transfer online or cash deposit at bank

Payment should be made by electronic transfer from your bank to Transition Australia’s bank account.
Please enter your name in the “Description” box (or similar) on your bank’s Transfers webpage – so that we know who paid.

  • Account name: Transition Towns Australia Inc
  • Bank: Bendigo Bank
  • BSB: 633000
  • Account No: 161689039