Transition Australia Membership Application

If you support the Purposes, and agree to comply with the Rules and policies, of Transition Towns Australia Inc you can apply to join as a member.

Types of membership:

  1.  Member – Individual. Full voting rights.
  2. Associate Member – Under 15. If you are under 15 years of age, we will consider you an Associate Member (ie no voting rights) until you turn 15. Meanwhile we welcome you…….
  3. Associate Member – Organisation. If you are a member of an organisation (such as a  small local sustainability group) your organisation can apply to join as an Associate Member.

A Member has voting rights, an Associate Member does not – but we encourage individual people within a group to join as Members and thus exercise voting rights.

By joining Transition Australia:

  • You are becoming part of an Australia-wide network of individuals and groups working to build a localised, sustainable and just future, from the ground up.
  • Your membership fee will help to cover some of our basic running costs – and that means a lot to us.

Please choose one of the 3 types of membership as you fill in the online form:

Thank you for applying to join us. You will hear from us soon