Kimberley Transitions

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The University of Notre Dame, Broome Campus, 88 Guy Street
Broome, WA 6725

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The Kimberley Transitions project brings together researchers, practitioners, educators, artists and other change-makers to contribute to learning and change for social, cultural, economic and ecological justice. In collaboration with change makers from all walks of life, the Kimberley Transitions focus is to conduct transformative research for community resilience. The aim is to build a network of women and men, community members, representatives from local and global organisations, University of Notre Dame Kimberley researchers, visiting scholars and others who have a passion for reimagining and rebuilding our world. Five current project are: “Cultural actions for sustaining Aboriginal lives, livelihoods, landscapes”; “Community development for ecological conversion”; “Economic, social and sultural sustainability for West Kimberley’s Indigenous communities”; Climate hope: critical insights from investigations of local-level technologies and community contexts”, and “Transformative learning: Integral ecology at school”. Based within the Nulungu Research Institute of The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA), Broome Campus, collaborations include with Madjulla Inc; Kimberley Aboriginal Law & Culture Centre; Catholic Earthcare Australia; Institute for Health Research (UNDA); Global Catholic Climate Movement; Laudato Si’ Research Institute; Environs Kimberley; Centre for Theology Science & Human Flourishing; Catholic Diocese of Broome; Knights of the Southern Cross WA; Narlijia Experience, Broome; and IUCN GEM.