Transition to what? … to a more sustainable world

What is a Transition group? … a group of people who have chosen to respond to the global issues of climate change and resource depletion by starting in the place where they live, coming together with people in their own neighbourhood to develop creative responses to the environmental challenges we face.

In other words Transition groups are people who, inspired by the world-wide Transition movement, and recognising the global issues of climate change and resource depletion:

  • seek ways of living that reduce dependence on fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas)
  • do this with other people (not just on their own)
  • focus on their own local street, neighbourhood, suburb, town or council area
  • help create a community where people are actually healthier and happier (rather than feeling deprived) because they are meeting their neighbours, feeling more connected and having fun.

A Transition group will typically run events to inspire, encourage and support each other, and the wider community to live more sustainably.

How to get started.

Some Transition groups begin with the Transition Streets workbook while other groups start with the Essential Guide.

  Stories of Transition

Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us We are powered entirely by volunteers who are driven by the greater cause of saving the world from climate change. If you want to help or if you have specialist skills, we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with: Writing articles Community engagement Website administration Write for us We ... Read More

From a tiny book club meeting to the seeds of hope for a more resilient community

In 2018 David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture, visited Launceston as part of the tour for his new book ‘Retrosuburbia.’ His book is about how those of us who live in the suburbs can live more sustainably, by growing food and making thoughtful choices about home and lifestyle. To be honest, the book is a big, heavy brick-like tome that I … Read More

Non violent communication at Transition Bondi

Transition Bondi’s Inner Transition event this month was an ‘immersion’ experience of the work of Non Violent Communication, led by a Sydney teacher. I found it to be a moving and valuable way of processing experiences in the life of each of us there, but in a group setting and a compassionate environment. What we did Two themes were offered, … Read More

The year 2019 at Transition Bondi

Kit Shepherd has been convenor of Transition Bondi for nine years. Here she writes her reflections on the year 2019. [Edited slightly with dot points – ed] It’s been a big and adventurous trip, this year for us in Transition Bondi! And the Steering group team has had their shoulders to the wheel for our Regular monthly programs Inner Transition … Read More

Convergence 2019

The 2019 Transition Australia Convergence was held on Sunday 15th September in Melbourne with the theme: Networks for Action It’s no exaggeration to say that we face a crisis. We need to do more than stop emissions, pollution, waste and habitat destruction but also rapidly reverse course to enable developing countries to bring their populations out of poverty. It ... Read More

Transition Streets

Transition Streets   Start your journey to a more sustainable life The news is filled with dire warnings about climate change and the impact it will have on our planet. It is easy to feel like there is nothing you can do, but you can make a difference. Transition Streets is about joining with others in your community to make ... Read More

Transitioning Western Australia, one group at a time

As our climate continues to change threatening our basic human rights, we see the powerful uprising of students against climate change; governments and industry talking and mostly agreeing that action must be taken, yet very little seems to change. In the face of all this, you might be left wondering ‘why do I bother?’ We’re here to remind you that … Read More

Non-violent communication

  Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is an approach developed by Marshall Rosenburg to ‘inspire heartfelt connections between ourselves and other people – connections that allow everyone’s needs to be met through compassionate giving.’ He also defines it as “a natural state of compassion when violence has subsided from the heart”. What is it to be violent? Violence is not only physical … Read More

Solar panels for a not for profit group

Have you ever thought about installing solar panels for a not for profit group? In 2016 the Montmorency Community Group, a transition group in Banyule undertook a project to install solar panels at Araluen in Lower Plenty. This is the story of how they did it. In November 2016 the Montmorency Community Group decided to use about $3,500 of their … Read More

Repair Café Albury-Wodonga

Repair Cafés are free meeting places for people to learn the art of repair from experienced volunteers. Visitors bring in a broken household item – a wobbly stool, torn shirt, broken torch or flat bike tyre – and are shown how to fix it. It’s about repairing and restoring, rejecting throw-away society and fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, repair … Read More

Transition Streets in Newcastle

This is an edited version of an article Rob Hopkins wrote after interviewing Graeme and Cathy Stuart, Transition Newcastle, when they introduced Transition Streets to Australia. Since this interview Graeme and Cathy have worked closely with some Melbourne transitioners to create the national version of the workbook, and Transition Streets groups are springing up in Melbourne and Geelong and other … Read More

Think, eat, save

The wisdom behind these words in reducing food waste was presented by Ronnie Kahn, founder of Oz Harvest. At a large public event in Sydney’s Martin Place, in 2017, Craig Reucassel of War on Waste,  passed on such waste-reducing tips as: the biggest food waste in households is iceberg lettuce, but they are good when added to stir-fry. Craig asked OzHarvest … Read More

Food and philosophy

Reflections from the Kitchen co-ordinator of Transition Bondi’s monthly Film & Feast evenings. A recent radio program on ‘Foodism’ (on The Philosopher’s Zone, RN 576 am) got me thinking. What does that word mean anyway? The speaker, Susan Wolf, explained that ‘Foodism’ is an interest in food beyond the culinary or nutritional. It includes an aesthetic interest, and a focus on pleasure; spending … Read More

Transition Streets in Geelong

The Transition Streets program has really taken off in Geelong, with at least 8 groups so far and growing. Here is Monica’s story of how it all started. At the beginning of 2017 I was feeling burned out. I had been a founding member of Geelong Sustainability and on the committee for 5.5 years and had organised a host of … Read More

Buy nothing groups

Most households accumulate too many things, and dropping off to the op shop is certainly one way to extend the lifecycle of unwanted items, but another way is to create a local Buy Nothing group through the Buy Nothing Project. The Buy Nothing Project is available on Facebook, with groups in 20 countries, and it easily allows for the creation … Read More

Plastic wise – Benalla

Plastic Wise Benalla is encouraging community action and promoting discussion about the use of plastics in the local area.  In particular they are making attractive reusable bags out of donated fabrics. The Plastic Wise Benalla initiative, which is led by the Benalla Sustainable Future Group (BSFG) has been hard at work upcycling donated fabric into attractive reusable bags. A team … Read More

21 Stories of Transition

  In the lead up to climate change talks in Paris, Rob Hopkins launched his book  21 Stories of Transition: how a movement of communities is coming together to re-imagine and rebuild our world. Transition Streets in Australia was one of the 21 stories, submitted by Graeme Stuart of Transition Newcastle. The book tells the stories of ordinary people who … Read More

Live Well Tasmania – transitioning to a sustainable world

Live Well Tasmania’s approach to increasing sustainability is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs –before we can take care of the planet, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves. This requires cooperating with others. Material security or cooperating with others? However the social systems that have evolved to try and coordinate the actions of vast numbers of … Read More

The Transition Kwoorabup Denmark WA modus operandi

On the south coast of Western Australia is the Shire of Denmark where people are environmentally conscious and actively engaged in projects  such as local food market, community windfarm, plastic bag campaign, local produce swap, family cycling group and Denmark Bike Plan Green Town Project. And so Transition Kwoorabup Denmark (TKD) has taken on the role of linking these groups … Read More

Mundaring in transition

Over a cup of coffee in May 2012, two Glen Forrest friends planted a transition seed that has since flowered and touched places they could not have imagined.   Through the years that followed, Mundaring in Transition (MiT) formed and flourished. We gradually and purposefully expanded from our original mullers’ group into a fully-fledged, committed steering group plus a growing … Read More

Trentham Sustainability Group

Living Locally, Living Sustainably, Living Well: the story of a local sustainability group aiming to reduce their carbon footprint in response to climate change, with some big visions around a Zero Net Energy Town (ZNET) and Trentham Carbon-free Communities workshops as well as ongoing projects on waste, housing, transport, water and food. Trentham Sustainability Group (TSG) was formed in February … Read More

Transition Streets in postcode 3081

Transition Streets – Bamfield Road commenced in May 2015 with approximately 10 neighbours and a few other occasional guests. We were guided by the Transition Streets workbook which was adapted to the Australian context, and printed for us free, thanks to a council grant. Together we explored topics like Water, Energy, Food, Transport and Consumption/Waste over monthly delicious potluck dinners … Read More

Transition Streets – Megan’s story

Megan lives in Greensborough, a suburb of Melbourne. She is a member of Transition Banyule and started a Transition Streets group in 2015. In 2017 she started Sustainable Greensborough. Transition Streets is a program that has helped me and my neighbours become more sustainable in our daily lives and save money. And more importantly, it has created a true neighbourhood … Read More

Effective lobbying

As a committed local climate action group, Lighter Footprints aims to lead and stimulate action that will help to ensure a safe climate future.  This will require a significant change in the attitudes and actions of the community and all levels of government. Activities are focused strongly on engaging with political representatives and members of the public in our area. … Read More

The social dinner

A community builder for Transition Bondi It occurred to me in a yoga class that just as the main focus is not each pose but rather the transition from one pose to the next — the joining aspects — so might be the case with individuals in a community. We exist in the world as separate and individual entities, but … Read More

Transition Streets in Kingston

Kingston local government area is in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. Transition Kingston people were part of the Transition Streets National Working Group that created the National Transition Streets workbook. Then they started a Transition Streets group, which grew to become Transition Kingston. Here is their story. Transition Kingston supported by Kingston Council have introduced a neighbourhood sustainability program … Read More

Sustainable Macleod’s Green and Local Auction

The green and local auction has created an opportunity to promote the values of sustainability and transition, while raising funds for the community garden. Raising funds to support transition activities is always a challenge. Sustainable Macleod which was founded 6 years ago, began developing the Macleod Organic Community Garden 2 years ago. This has transformed us from a very active … Read More