Community Voice for Hume, CV4H

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155 Auburn Street
Goulburn, NSW 2580

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About Us

CV4H is based in Goulburn and is dedicated to supporting Social Sustainability in the Community in line with the Council’s Social Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan. The commitment breaks down into:

  • helping drive the local economy to increase employment in sustainable jobs
  • taking climate action such as improving the carbon sponge, as per Walter Jehne’s teachings, which leads to carbon sequestration and reduced use of water
  • we support renewable energy, particularly community energy
  • we support the reduction of energy prices for businesses and households and energy efficiency
  • we support vegetable growing and self-sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

Where possible we will work with our local council. Direct support for disadvantaged groups is a key objective.

CV4H has just initiated a program called “Building Hume’s Future Together” and the first project is “Grow Goulburn Mulwaree Gardens” that aims to improve Garden Sustainability, by increasing the moisture and soil quality. The project also supports households trying to grow vegetables.