Electric Vehicles to Own

Electric Vehicles to Own…….. Transition Streets 5.5 Some of the world’s commercially manufactured electric vehicles are on sale in Australia. At June 2020 – it included the following models: New Vehicles BMW i3 $68,700 Plus Hyundai Ioniq $46K Plus Hyundai Kona Electric $60-64K Jaguar I-Pace $120K Plus Mercedes EQC $138K Plus Nissan LEAF 2018 $50K Renault Zoe $50K Plus Renault Kangoo $53K ( Commercial Van ) Tesla … Read More

Community Litter Action

Litter Action…….. Transition Streets 6.7 Illegal dumping and general litter costs local government around $70 million a year in collection and clean up costs. Community and volunteer groups like “Clean Up Australia” the various “Adopt A ….road, highway, town” groups, and bodies like “ Riverkeepers” are running clean up and collection events, and campaigns to raise public awareness. There are … Read More

Zero Waste Festivals

Zero Waste Festivals …….. Transition Streets 6.6 Festivals, food fairs, and large public events can be murder on waste. Plastic food containers, drink containers, zip-ties, packaging, and souvenirs generally end up in landfill. A typical music festival of 16,000 people can create 8 tonnes of waste. Community Groups, Land Care & Environmental groups, and many event organisers are working to … Read More

Repair Cafe and Fix It Initiatives

Repair It, Fix-It, Service It, …….. Transition Streets 6.5 Repair Cafés and Fix-It Initiatives are free meeting places, all about repairing things and keeping stuff out of landfill, of getting joy out of that favorite thing again. You’ll find tools and materials to help you make any repairs you need. On clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, appliances, toys, ….. … Read More

The Buy Nothing Project

Buy Nothing – Get Everything…….. Transition Streets 6.4 The Buy Nothing Project is about setting the scarcity model of our cash economy aside in favour of creatively and collaboratively sharing the abundance around us. Local groups form hyper-local gift economies that are parallel to local cash economies; Some people join to get rid of things that are cluttering their lives, … Read More

The Waste Pyramid

Your Waste Action Plans…….. Transition Streets 6.3 We have revised the three R’s to a new strategy pyramid where avoiding waste is the priority, and treating and disposing of waste the least attractive option. More ideas are in the Transition Streets Guide – Waste Session And if you want more information on recycling – Sustainability Victoria has this page – … Read More

Statistics from the ABC War on Waste

Highlights and Data…….. Transition Streets 6.2 The ABC TV’s War on Waste was a rating success. One commercial waste company has provided this summary and breakdown of the facts and data from both series. War On Waste Statistics And if you want more information on recycling – Sustainability Victoria has this page – Make It Easier to Recycle.

Our National Waste Report 2018

Everything About Our Waste…….. Transition Streets 6.1 Compared with many other developed economies, Australia generates more waste than the average and the proportion it recycles is a little less than the average. This 126 page Federal Government report gives detailed data on our waste sources, waste streams, recycling programs and processes, and our comparison to international programs.

Car Sharing

Fewer Cars = Better Transport…….. Transition Streets 5.4 With reduced overall car ownership, no servicing and maintenance costs, and break-down support – what is not to like about car share programs? One of the services – Car Next Door – gives a good summary and comparison here Most councils are allocating dedicated parking spots for car share cars, and some … Read More

Ride Sharing

App Smart Transport…….. Transition Streets 5.3 The commercial car hire, taxi, and ride-share programs are starting to use phone apps to make booking, sharing, and using easier. They vary in cost and function, but are making car ownership less attractive, and transport easier. Compare the Ride Share Apps here