Online Ecological Footprint

Discover where you stand …….. Transition Streets 1.3

A quick online quiz from Transition Australia ( click the answers to estimate your Earth load )

Or download an Excel version of the My Ecological Footprint worksheet from the Transition Streets online course guide.

The Earth-Global Hectares concept used in the Excel worksheet can be a bit technical – but one idea is easy to see – When in the calendar year did you use up your share of the Earth?

This date is the Earth Overshoot Day  ( for the World in 2021 – July 29th ) – that is when we used up one Earth of bio-capacity – for the rest of the year we were eating our future. But for Australia it was March 22nd, 2021.

For more information try here –  Your Ecological Footprint – and you can explore this web site – Global Footprint Network

Go further here – discover & compare the footprint and actions of your Australian local government council – or, explore actions in towns and regions worldwide with this data set –  Ecological Footprint Explorer

Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020