Talking Transition: exploring Transition culture across Australia

Just what is Transition Culture? It’s a question we’ve had to answer a lot of times.

At first it seems really hard to answer.

The Transition Towns movement, or other groups that embody a localised, just and eco-regenerative future can be as diverse as a community garden, a food swap or an entire town or municipality starting the active journey of energy descent.

But in a nutshell Transition Culture is about being honest about the emergency that we are in and facing up to the fact that we will have to change the way we live.

This will bring great challenge but also offers a chance to reclaim the things that really matter. But more than that it’s about coming together to build a picture, a narrative and actions that imagine the world we want and then doing whatever we can and whatever brings us passion or energy to step towards that future.

Truth is we don’t know what might be a tipping point in the ‘great turning’ but that doesn’t matter.

Transition Culture is not about a single action, but about coming together with all the actions to build the world we want, not just waiting and hoping someone else will do it for us.

This change is going to be hard, but is made easier when the journey is shared.

So on the 9th of November 2021 we held our first Let’s Talk Transition session. This was an opportunity to explain what Transition Australia is doing, why we need to work together to make sure that we are not just passionate and active but visible and powerful as well.

It was a chance to come together, share our knowledge, our ideas and our passion to give use strength to take the first or the next session.

It was a short but powerful session and I think was summed up by a conversation that occurred on the evening.whiteboard with lots of post-it notes with words like Peace, locally grown food ...

“The future must be less. Less speed, less consumption, less stuff, less work, less waste and less energy. But it can also be more. More connection, more purpose, more passion more time with the ones we love and the places that we cherish….”

“So in a way you’re saying that Transition Culture is about an opportunity to not just regenerate the world but rediscover our humanity!”

To be honest I don’t think I could have defined Transition Culture better if I tried!

Thanks to all who took part and if you missed it check out the powerpoint here and keep your eye on the events page or get in touch to find out how you can host a Let’s Talk Transition session.

Paul Shelton  November 2021

PS We ended the session with Paul reading out to all of us (eyes closed if we wished) a Letter from the Future. You can read it here