Using water efficiently…….. Transition Streets 4.8

Constructed systems that use water efficiently, that reduce evaporation, and that give you better control over nutrient levels, can vastly increase your crops and decrease overall water use.

Vertical Gardens – the growing locations are stacked in layers, the watering system constructed for self-watering, water reuse, and controlled nutrient delivery. One example is the simple DIY two layer garden described in issue 146 of Renew magazine (pictured above) Then there are retail and commercial packages like these:


and even plans for massive factory size, artificially lit, vertical farms ( Vox Article )

Wicking Beds – these are garden beds systems that have an enclosed water reservoir that can supply water vapour back into the growing media ( usually soil ) These are generally used to cut overall water use, reduce evaporation and run-off, and to simplify plant care in Summer or times when the garden is less managed. Examples – Modbox and FoodCube.


Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020