Explore the Sustainability of Different Power Sources.?

No matter how we make electricity, it takes up space.

  • Coal requires mines, and plants to convert it into electricity.
  • Nuclear power takes uranium mines, facilities to refine it, a reactor, and a place to store the spent fuel safely.
  • Renewable energy needs wind turbines or solar panels.

So how much space would it take to power the whole world?

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The Creators: Director Lisa LaBracio
Script Writer: Elizabeth Cox, George Zaidan
Narrator: Jack Cutmore-Scott
Director of Animation: Vicente Nirō, AIM Creative Studios
Storyboard: Artist Wing Lo


Additional Resources for You to Explore

Building a sustainable future will require a multi-faceted approach. Read the book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates to dive into a detailed plan to bring global greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero.

While there are big changes governments and businesses will need to make, there are meaningful and effective changes individuals can make in their daily lives as well. Use this carbon footprint calculator created by the Global Footprint Network to measure your carbon footprint. But what’s next? Many people struggle to identify how they can offset their carbon footprint or what action they can take. Project Drawdown’s ecochallenge has you covered. It outlines a series of one-time or daily actions you can take individually, with a group of friends, or coworkers to make a difference in your community.

Our changing climate involves many complex and interconnected issues, and one of the best ways to understand them is to have more conversations about them. The World Climate Simulation allows you to do just that by role playing and simulating UN climate negotiations. Finally, watch this TED animation to learn what is net-zero and why it is our shared goal to build a better future.