About Us

Reimagine Banyule

Vision Statement:

Our vision is a more connected and sustainable community in Banyule, treading lightly together.

Mission Statement:

Reimagine Banyule aims to support and empower community members and businesses to create a lifestyle that is less wasteful and more enriching.


To support and inspire Banyule residents to reimagine our world, Reimagine Banyule will in 2021:

  • bring to life an informative and engaging website
  • publish promotional online resources
  • create inspirational videos telling local stories of respecting resources through reuse, repairing and re-purposing items that would have otherwise been discarded
  • work towards a circular economy and support our local community throughout this transition

Funded by a Banyule City Council Environment Grant 2020
Logo design: Heather Smith
Web development: Jen Benjamin
Social media manager 2021: Perri Hillier
Project co-ordinators: Che Hall and Penelope Grose

Videographer: Alex Sibbison from Masterworks media

Images unless otherwise stated are from a paid subscription to Shutterstock