P is for Plastic Free July and tips for Polystyrene recycling


Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a grassroots initiative that started in 2011. Deciding to go plastic free for one moth is a wonderful way to experiment with different alternatives to plastic. If you choose to do this during the month of July then you will be joined by thousands of people all over Australia (and millions across the world). Sign up to the Plastic Free July website to join others who are reducing their plastic waste.

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Have you ended up with polystyrene (PS 6)?

Of course avoiding it in the first place by purchasing second hand or requesting no packaging at checkout is the easiest option. In fact by the end of 2022 avoidance will hopefully be easier because the Commonwealth government is planning to ban it. In the meantime here are some of your options if you do end up with some polystyrene.

Unfortunately there are no polystyrene drop off points in Banyule… yet! Surely if the small recycling station at Clifton Hill can manage it then we can too?

So, if you happen to be going anywhere near the following polystyrene recycling stations then you can drop off your white (unfortunately they don’t accept other colours) polystyrene.

Clifton Hill (for City of Yarra residents only – Do you have a friend who lives there?) www.yarracity.vic.gov.au

Other drop off locations www.mwrrg.vic.gov.au

Please note that some sites like Nillumbik list that they do recycle it but they actually don’t. Hence only the above 2 links have been provided.

We know it’s not much help now, but in the future you can ask the company to retain the packaging. We’ve heard that The Good Guys have onsite polystyrene recycling for their packaging.

Another tip for holding the company accountable: You can issue a climate warning to the company who provided you the packaging

Go to the We don’t have time webpage

… along with a solution about what they could be doing


Other actions:

Join a local community group or creek clean up group. For example: Friends of Salt Creek: foscap09@gmail.com, Darebin Creek Sweepers and Love Our Street 3084

What are your polystyrene avoidance tips?

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