Ageing in our Community


                                                                                     PAGE UNDER DEVELOPMENT Ageing in our Community Open Space – March 2024 Power point presentations are available, please … Read More



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How Feasible is a New Generation of Housing Co-operatives in Australia?

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In this study we investigate whether it is feasible today for a non-subsidised co-operative model of housing to deliver affordable and secure tenure housing for moderate income workers. A segment of our society who are increasingly priced out of ownership throughout great swathes of urban and regional Australia. With a particular focus on “missing middle” income cohorts who are not … Read More

Unlocking the doors: legal and financial pathways to resident-led housing

cohousingaustraliaCohousing, Consumption, Housing, Research and Data, Transition streets

This guide is for people wanting to set up collaborative housing in Australia. It is based on research and consultation with resident groups and experts in the field. Download the guide now. We hope the guide becomes used by groups like a workbook that you use and test thoroughly. We want it to be a circular guide where your experience … Read More

Living Well Dying Well


Living Well- Dying Well In Sept 2021 we held an Open Space  with the film “Love in our own Time,” followed by discussion. As well as interested members of the community, we had representatives from many Care Services and Organisations in our local community attending, including   Geegeelup Aged Care, Henri Nuewen House, Natural Therapists, Palliative Care workers, Friendship Club, … Read More

Housing – Sustainable and Affordable


Excursion to Balingup Cluster Housing/Straw bale house  May 2023 Presentation from Adrian Price Shire accommodation  Presentation from Wendy Trow huf and puff OS Alternative Housing Options Forum  – May 2022                                                  Video of Panel discussion  Video of Presentations  … Read More

Verge Gardens


Shire Update 07-2023 Habitat Trays for Waterwise Verge Gardens are now (30-05-22) available The Bridgetown Community Landcare Nursery grows local plants for local wildlife. To help gardeners and those on small properties they have created habitat trays, collections of 10 plants in forester tubes that are specially selected to encourage local wildlife, including: blue wren heaven, food for a finch, cockatoo … Read More

Clothing – Buying, Mending/Altering, Recycling and Washing


Clothing/Fashion Industry Why does it matter? The fast fashion industry is inherently degenerative. Worldwide, the combined emissions for the clothing and footwear industry are roughly 8 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The fast fashion movement is renowned for underpaying their employees 10 Statistics About Fast Fashion Waste (information sourced from and based on US statistics 1. 92 Million … Read More


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A is for Apples and Autumn Leaves

reimaginebanyuleBackyard Gardening, Composting, Food

Apples Do you have an apple tree growing near you? If you live in Banyule then a wonderful day trip is to head out to Petty’s orchard. If you keep an eye out on their social media page you may even be notified when they are open to the public for taste testing their extensive range of apples. They also … Read More