My Healthy Soils

Transition Town Vincent

Some useful resources relevant to the Transition Town Vincent (TTV) My Healthy Soils Project including program logic, guidelines, papers, and videos.


Project introduction

My Healthy Soils one pager – Program logic


Guideline Planting fruit trees with biochar and compost

Guidelines – Operation of the Top Lit Updraft TLUD Biochar Oven V2

Biochar Workshop Flyer NPCG v2

Other projects

Biochar for sustainable soils (B4SS)

The Big Biochar Experiment

Helsinki Biochar Project


Francis, J. (2013) Re-imagining our Cities as Carbon Sinks 

Antti Kinnunen et al (2022) Carbon sequestration and storage potential of urban residential environment – A review 

Mari Ariluoma et al (2024) Optimizing the co-benefits of biodiversity and carbon sinks in urban residential yards

Joseph et al. (2022) How biochar works, and when it doesn’t: A review of mechanisms controlling soil and plant responses to biochar

Other publications

Joseph, S. and Taylor, P. (2024) A farmer’s guide to the production, use and application of biochar

Jeff Cox (2019) Gardening with Biochar – Supercharge your soil with bioactivated charcoal. Storey Publishing.


The Secret of El Dorado (Horizon 2002) Discovery of Terra Preta – short version

The Secret Of Eldorado – TERRA PRETA (includes Agrichar documentary)

The Biochar for Sustainable Soils (B4SS) Project

Mayors Challenge – Stockholm Biochar Project

Mattias Gustafsson on the Stockholm Biochar project

Björn Embrén | “Porosity With Stone Biochar and Compost” | FVPK


Workshop: Biochar for Community Gardens, 17th August 2024