Transition Glen Eira Sustainability Festival

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        The climate crisis requires individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and governments to cooperatively adopt energy descent plans and actions. The concepts within Permaculture’s Ethics and Principles offer the best approach, using the Transition Towns Network Framework to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, which is in line with those of a Circular Economy. Transition Glen Eira (TGE), a … Read More

Add your Group/Project/Community


Join as a Community Member As a Cohousing Australia Community Member you get to showcase your project here. We hold frequent events where you will be able to share your story and contribute to the broader discourse. You can share events via our social media platforms and advertise vacancies. You can collaborate with other members and projects to share what … Read More

Mapping Collaborative Housing Australia


This page provides a list of cohousing projects that are either completed or in creation to therefore guide people who are in request to seek cohousing opportunities. To look at the detailed list, please check the below for their progress and location. Add map here: <iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe> Existing Communities DeCohousing (WA) Pinakarri (WA) Murundaka (Vic) Narrara Ecovillage (NSW) … Read More


Transition Darebin

Collaborations Over the years, Transition Darebin has worked together with various different groups to achieve great things. Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes ‘Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes’ is a group dedicated to saving useable items and materials from landfill throughout the City of Darebin particularly at hard rubbish colllection times throughout the year. We are also about promoting the concept of ‘recycle … Read More

Convivial Kitchen and Garden

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Convivial Kitchen and Garden is about learning new skills, engaging in hands-on workshops or watching practical demonstrations. We learn cooking skills, gardening skills, and other useful things. It’s community run, so either a facilitator comes in or it is led by a local person. These workshops have been running since 2014 and have been run a few times a year. … Read More

Darebin Repair Cafe

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Waste is one of the biggest problems we’re facing today – things we buy break, can’t be easily fixed, and end up going to landfill, meaning we lose valuable resources and our landfills grow. But if we could fix some of these things beforehand, we could help make things better. Darebin Repair Cafe, part of the international Repair Cafe movement, … Read More

Upskilling 2021

Transition BanyuleCommunity

Our main project for 2021 is a program of training workshops for local sustainability group members, part funded by a Banyule City Council Environment Grant. We are building the capacity of members of sustainability groups in Banyule to become more effective at catalysing change. Thanks to members of our network for making this project happen: Maria, Megan, Robyn, Jo, Heather … Read More

Barkly Village (West Footscray)


Exciting times for Barkly Village to create a rich village hub not a thoroughfare. Projects Underway: Clarke St pop-up park and cycle connection tot he railway track Several parklet earmarked for the local area

2020 Council Election

Transition BanyulePolitics and activism

October is Banyule Council election time and to help you find out what the candidates stand for in the areas of conservation and climate change we sent a questionnaire to all the 52 candidates, with 6 days to reply for inclusion on this website. We received replies from 16 candidates. We are not endorsing any particular candidate but helping to … Read More

Sustainability in the Suburbs 2020: Recharge and Reconnect

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A series of online workshops and webinars brought to you by the Transition Banyule Network to support local people to Recharge and Reconnect. During lockdown in Melbourne, we stayed home while coming together via Zoom to have fun celebrating sustainable living. The program included ‘Something for Parents, Something for Kids, Something for Everyone’. Average participant rating across the series: 4.5/5 … Read More