Transition For Resilience

Transition Towns are focused on balancing motivating visions of what’s possible along-side here and now proactive local approaches. The movement embodies the spirit of empowerment, a powerful blend of self-determination and community connections that together inspires and generates communal resilience. So wherever you are, join Climactic interviewer Bronwyn Gresham and Transition Australia member Paul Shelton and soak up the joyful energy of this episode.

Mayoral Bridge over troubled water

Guests in The Sustainable Hour on 6 November 2019 are Geelong’s new mayor and deputy mayor, Stephanie Asher and Kylie Grzybek for an important conversation about leadership and how best to bring both Council staff, businesses and rate payers with us to help solve complex and collective problems in our community.

Sci-Fight – Does Nature Know Best? (Science Comedy Debates)

Does Nature really know best? Would we be happier if we shook off the shackles of modern living, buried our smart phones, swapped out laptops for lapping lakes and exchanged our coke for coconuts? Join the Sci Fight Comedy Debate hosted by Alanta Colley, for their bi monthly science and comedy debate as they put the wins and fails of nature under a comedy microscope.

Climate Strike Roundtable: The Strikes One Year On…and the next Chapter

Climactic Founder Mark sits down with three organisers of the next climate strike, and they look back on the year of school and climate strikes that it’s been since November 30th , 2018 and highlight the importance of the next strike on November 29th.

Climactic podcast XR London

Climactic member Simon Moore sends in a dispatch from the streets of London highlighting the first day of the International Rebellion there. The cat and mouse game with police, a rousing speech from journalist George Monbiot, and beautiful choral singing.

Road to COP25: A seminar from the Monash Energy Club

Join Anna Malos (Policy Analyst from Climate Works Australia), John Connor (CEO Carbon Market Institute), Erwin Jackson, Policy Director (Investor Group on Climate Change) and Chloe Munro AO, Professorial Fellow at Monash University as they discuss the big issues that will dominate the COP25 agenda and how countries including Australia can raise their ambition to meet emissions reduction targets in this years ahead.