In response to the global climate crisis the Transition movement encourages people to connect with others in their community to lead the way in creating the world we wish to see.

A world where we not only survive and feel secure, but also thrive and live well, in ways that can make us happier, healthier and less conflicted – now and in the future.

So we are delighted to have found a wonderful resource to inspire us in this quest: SBS Audio’s Everything we need, a series of podcasts about communities leading the way on adapting to climate impacts and making change in their lives for the better.

In these podcasts, becoming more resilient to climate impacts isn’t about clutching our keep cups, buying an electric car, and hoping global emissions will drop  – it’s about connecting with where we live, and the people we live alongside and taking action that grounds us and helps us better able to cope with the stress of change.

Each episode of Everything we need takes us to a different location and community initiative — exploring ways to work together and adapt that’s both sharable and very specific to where the community lives. The show notes for each episode are extensive and link to advice columns about how to approach climate adaptation at a personal level — from improving the thermal comfort of your home to supporting the next generation and avoiding climate mal-adaptation.

Life in a changing climate is more than coping with emergency events. It’s dealing with food and water insecurity, housing shortages and supply chain issues, threats to our health, the rising cost of living, and questions about how we support the next generation. SBS Audio’s Everything we need deals with many of the questions we ask ourselves as we face these issues.

The series is one for the headphones – producer Kyla Brettle is an award winning audio documentary maker and sound designer; each episode is compact, beautifully crafted and transports the listener through many voices, location recordings and gorgeous original music by Rob Law.

Link to audio and notes re Everything we need:

Mary Stringer, ed

photo credit Carmen Bunting

June 2024