#ListenToThem; Solidarity Vigil for Bushfire Victims


Friday 17th of January 2020 5:00 pm

Australia is burning, animals are dying, flames are engulfing our natural landscapes, the resilience of our communities is being tested, and our firefighters are risking their lives for our country.
This crisis has hit all of us, and the hardship and rawness is being felt widely.
School students in Melbourne, and across the country, are hosting a solidarity vigil event to show our nationwide support to the survivors of the bushfire crisis across the country.
Together, with you, we’d like to recognise the hard work and support of frontline communities, fire services, charities NGOs, and all emergency services and individuals during this time. We’d also like to use this opportunity to acknowledge and support those who have experienced loss due to the fires and pay a tribute to the people who have tragically passed away.
It is important that we stand together, united as one Australian community, to show our support to those on the frontlines of the consequences of climate inaction. It is important that we listen and educate ourselves to what is actually happening in these communities, and listen to those living through it first.
Come along to Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens at 5pm to show solidarity, and hear from people’s experiences on the front lines of this crisis, speeches, tributes and live performances.
It is important to recognise that these bushfires are unprecedented, as with other major weather events around the world, are increased in duration, frequency and intensity in the effect of climate change. However we would like for this event to not be political motivated and ask for no political insignia and rally signs to be brought along: bring a DONATION of cash, a wreath/flowers (plastic free), as well as all your friends and family.

Friday 17th of January 2020
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Treasury Gardens
Melbourne, VIC 3002

School Strike 4 Climate

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