Council of All Beings


Sunday 30th of April 2023 10:00 am

Do you want to connect more with nature, yourself and like-minded people?
Are you concerned about what is happening in the natural world around us?
Join a friendly group of people for a light hearted exploration using our imaginations and collective knowledge. It is a group activity we call Council of All Beings and is based on the deep ecology principle that the wellbeing and flourishing of both human and non-human life are of equal value and are interconnected.
It doesn’t matter whether you follow a particular political, religious or spiritual belief system – this game is relevant to us all.
The Council of All Beings is a day of creative & playful activities suitable for families, and children of all ages attending with their parents/guardians are most welcome.
The day will be facilitated by local elders, Cheryl Durrant, Nettie Hulme & Jane Stratton.
Bring food to share for lunch. All art materials supplied. By donation.
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Sunday 30th of April 2023
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

30 King Edward Street
Penguin, TAS 7316

Nettie Hulme
03 6436 2339

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