Have you ever tried to move house using only bicycles for transport? It can be done

and Transition Darebin proved it when a group of local people “moved Russell’s entire personal effects from East Brunswick to West Heidelberg”.

moving house using bicycles

Russell takes in the scenery while pedalling his futon and frame, filing cabinets and bookshelf up the hill!

The 15Km trip took “a few pleasant hours, via a scenic route along backstreets, through parks, along the creek and past a storage facility where we picked up more (yes, more!) of Russell’s stuff.”

Yes, this was way back in 2009, when Transition Darebin was just getting started – but what an inspiration.

Trailers on the trail

By all accounts it was a great adventure, a lot of fun, and it elicited smiles and waves from amazed pedestrians and drivers. No doubt the house-warming party at the end added to the sense of camaraderie.


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Adapted by Mary Stringer from a Transition Darebin article  August 2018