A Mobile App to help you cut your greenhouse footprint

One Small Step is a profit-for-purpose environmental enterprise that uses behavioural science and technology to help Australians adopt green habits and reduce their carbon footprints.

Their June 2018 crowdfunding campaign with ING and StartSomeGood raised $28,400 and in May 2020, they released the first version of the One Small Step app – Android and iOS.

One Small Step

The app offers a number of pathways – each showing the net impact, the number of stages, and the level of difficulty. This “gamification” breaks up knowledge blocks, with tasks, and actions. The idea is to progress at your own pace through the positive steps you can take, while learning why these steps are important.

Web Based Pathway

There is also a web based pathway – via the original Neighbourhood Effect website. After a quick questionnaire, you need to create an account to continue. There is less information here, but clicking through the action panels creates a Done & To Do List and helps you plan further investigations and positive activities.

Transition Streets.

The group of One Small Steps websites also includes a flip book version of the Canberra Transition Streets Handbook – it is a little hard to read but has an enormous amount of information and guidance.


If you want much more information try the 2020 Transition Streets Handbook – Explanation or Direct Here


Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020