Emily Paddon-Brown talks about a weekly action you can take to help save the planet!

Emily is an actor and music theatre performer, a parent of a young family, and active in her neighbourhood. Early in 2020 she decided to combine her skills with her experience and make series of short weekly video chats about actions anyone could make, that would help transition to a more sustainable world.

The links here go to Emily’s facebook video archive – each is between 2-3 minutes.

Do What You Can

Bush Fire Victim Support (1)
Shop Ethical (2)
Be Prepared ( part1) (3)
Be Prepared (part2) (4)
Feedback (5)
R.E.T.H.I.N.K (6)
Acknowledgement of Country (7)
Climate Action Now (8)
National Plastics Survey (9)
Toilet Talk (10)
Toilet Paper Alternatives (11)
Toilet Talk Three (12)
The Last Toilet Talk (13)
Love Your Local Garden (14)
Eco Inspo (15)
How Does Your Garden Grow (16)
Recycle Smart (17)
Boutique Recycling – REDcycle (18)
Boutique Recycling – Breadbags for Wheelchairs (19)
Boutique Recycling – Unwanted (20)
Fill Your Own Adventure (21)
Don’t Dump Dental Waste (22)
Black Lives Matter (23)
Brush Better (24)
Toothy Tabs Triumph (25)
Flossing (26)

Mask-erade! (28)
Health Heros (29)
Positive Post (30)
Hand Sanitiser (31)
Solar in Our Schools (32)

Sew Something (34)
Eco Flow (35)
Period Pants (36)

Lids4Kids (38)
Money Where Your Mouth Is – Banking (39)
Money Where Your Mouth Is – Super (40)
Money Where Your Mouth Is – Insurance (41)

Transition News Notes:

The Transition Town approach is Head, Hands, and Heart.  Information needs Action, Action needs Kindness, Kindness needs Information – and the combination of all of these is needed if we are to make a real difference.

[ Heart also means taking care of yourself – Consider yourself as a bank account – you have your personal capital, that time and energy that has to be committed to your family, your job, and your self. Then you have your personal surplus – that time and energy you can commit to other people and projects. The amount of surplus depends on your situation – young family, elderly parents, tough job or study – you might only have a hour a week in surplus. But if you spend that wisely and productively, you can spend that every week for years. Over commit and start spending your capital, and at some time you will have to disconnect, do nothing, and rebuild. – So Do What You Can………….. ]

Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020