Electric Vehicles to Own…….. Transition Streets 5.5

Some of the world’s commercially manufactured electric vehicles are on sale in Australia.

At June 2020 – it included the following models:

New Vehicles

BMW i3 $68,700 Plus

Hyundai Ioniq $46K Plus

Hyundai Kona Electric $60-64K

Jaguar I-Pace $120K Plus

Mercedes EQC $138K Plus

Nissan LEAF 2018 $50K

Renault Zoe $50K Plus

Renault Kangoo $53K ( Commercial Van )

Tesla Model S $120K – $250K

Tesla Model X $150K – $260K

Tesla Model 3 $66K Plus

Used Vehicles

Mitsubishi iMiEV $14K Approx

Nissan LEAF $20K – $42K Approx

Nissan eNV200 $32-45K Approx ( Commercial Van )

There are also a few community groups organising bulk-buys and a number of importers supplying reconditioned and second hand imported cars and vans – The Good Car Company – and cars are available from the online car sales channels.

Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020