Where is the Water…….. Transition Streets 4.3

Sydney Water have made this chart to show where water is used and roughly how much.

Appliance/source Litres (lt) used
Regular showerhead
Water efficient showerhead
10 lt / minute
6-7 lt/ minute
Average bath
110 lt
Single flush toilet
Older dual flush toilet (1983s model)
Modern dual flush toilet (2005 or later)
11 lt a flush
11 lt full, 5.5 lt half flush
4.5 lt full, 3 lt half flush
Hand basin
Running tap
4 lt a minute
Washing by hand
Older dishwashing machine (before 2014)
Average dishwashing machine
15 lt
13 lt a load
12 lt a load
Clothes washing
Front loader washing machine
Top loader washing machine 
 65 lt a load
110 lt a load
Filling a backyard pool
Outdoor tap 
Up to 54,000 lt
999 lt an hour
 15 lt a minute
Car washing
Hose washing

Bucket washing
180 lt a wash
 99 lt a wash
Leaks (taps and pipes)
Dripping tap
Leaking pipe (1.5 mm hole )
 27 – 198 lt a day
 99 lt a day
Leaks (toilet cisterns)
Slow, barely visible

Leak visible in toilet pan
Visible, just audible
Quite visible, constant hiss
  9 lt a day
  36 lt a day
144 lt a day
261 lt a day

Tom Danby, Moonee Valley Sustainability, 2020