chart showing crop rotation

During 2021 Jade Peace of Transition Bondi created a video describing the practice of crop rotation in the community garden in Bondi.

You will learn a lot in just 3 short minutes!

How did you like the dial for showing each garden bed’s place in the cycle?

crop rotation dials

crop rotation dials – Bondi Community

You can read Jade’s text-and-images story about Transition Bondi’s 2019 workshop on crop rotation methods here

close-up of flowers

Digital stories are typically videos that include audio, images and video clips to tell a story. In other words, it combines the tradition of storytelling with digital technology.

If your group has created a digital story we invite you to send us the link and we will create, on this Transition Australia website, an easy-to-find collection of digital stories of local groups and their activities. You can contact us here

If you enjoyed this video you might also enjoy this digital story created by Yuki Cameron and Yennie Yong, members of Transition 3081, during 2021 – our second pandemic year.

Mary Stringer

March 2022