Local Recycling



Ideally, we want to

Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose our “waste.” 

The next best step is to Recycle 


Bridgetown Library Recycling Hub


Located at Bridgetown Library 75 Steere Street, Bridgetown, WA, 6255, (08) 9761 2503,

Opening Hours 10am -5pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, 10am -7pm Thursday 9am -12 noon Saturday (These opening hours are valid as of Dec 2021 you can check for any changes in opening hours at  Library » Shire of Bridgetown

  • We are no longer Collecting Plastic lids at the Library Hub. Instead we are asking you to bring your lids for Washing/colour coding sessions at Ashbil Community Garden, Dates/times for 2024 are Sat 24th Feb 2024, Sat 25th May 2024, Sat 24th Aug 2024, Sat Nov 16th 2024(start time 9.30am). If you are unable to make it on Saturday mornings but are willing to wash and colour code your lids please email transitionbridgetown19@gmail.com with your phone number and we will contact you to arrange delivery of your washed lids
  • Mobile phones, mobile chargers and accessories and wearables, including smart watches, can be deposited in the hub. Transition Bridgetown send these to Planet Ark directly or via Household Recycling Units located at Bunnings stores.  95% of the plastics and metals from mobile phones can be recycled to make plastic fence posts, stainless steel and jewellery
  • Plastic Bread Tags The tags are recycled in SA raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people mainly in South Africa. Reminder:  Plastic bread tags break and can be deposited in the hub,  Cardboard bread tags, bend. (These can go in your compost or worm farm)
  • Reading glasses and Sunglasses. Transition Bridgetown take the glasses to SpecSavers stores who send them on to the Fred Hollows Foundation. There they are sorted and distributed to needy recipients throughout the world.
  • Writing Implements – taken to OfficeWorks by volunteers who are going to Bunbury, Perth or wherever an Officeworks store is located. Officeworks Recycling ♻️ – Everything You Should Know (waster.com.au) Officeworks send them to the Terracycle Program where they are recycled into raw formats after which manufacturers use them to make new products such as outdoor furniture, watering cans etc.
  • Toothcare products, – sent to TerraCycle Terracycle process the products to transform them for sale to manufacturers. This is where your waste gets shredded, melted down, perhaps combined with other additives, and turned into a usable raw material format like regrind, pellets, or powder. These converted plastics are then melted, moulded, and extruded or injected into the manufacturing supply chain and recycled as new, durable products.
  • Empty Blister Packs – sent to TerraCycle


Bridgetown Hub – Recycling Hub


About Us – Bridgetown Hub   

Contact Us – Bridgetown Hub

  • All brands of Hair Aerosol containers (ie. hairspray, mousse, dry shampoo etc)
  • All brands of empty hair colour jars, lids, bottles, closures, tubes, pumps, caps and stirrers made from plastics and flexible or rigid aluminium. (including gloves from dye boxes)
  • All brands of hair care jars, lids, bottles, closures, tubes, pumps and caps (ie, gel, wax etc)
  • All brands of blades and razors (refillable and disposable), rigid plastic packaging from razors, flexible plastic bag packaging from razors.
  • Electronic toothbrush handles and electric toothbrush bases.
  • Burt’s Bees personal care, lip care and skin care packaging (no other brands).

Plastic Lid recycling

  • Unfortunately, we are no longer collecting plastic lids at the Library Recycling Hub, due to the amount of “contamination.” We are trialing a lid washing/sorting session at Ashbil Community Garden (4th Saturday of every month to co-incide with ACGBs Produce Market/Workshops.) The lids collected will be transported to Precious Plastics in Busselton. https://www.facebook.com/PreciousPlasticMargaretRiver/

Soft Plastics

Unfortunately the Redcycle soft plastics program is no longer running. We will update the website as further information becomes available

Containers for Change

See Home | Containers for Change for details on what containers are eligible. Hastie Waste 08 9731 0296 – Bridgetown Tip.  Thurs 8:00am- 12:00 noon; Sat 9:00am – 1:00pm.For those who find it hard to get there on Thursdays and Saturdays. Hastie Waste have set up a Bag Drop at the Bridgetown Tip, so you can drop off your containers (bagged, and labelled with your scheme ID, name and contact number), during the normal weekly tip opening hours. Plastic and Metal lids from eligible Containers for Change containers(no bigger than 5cm) can also be deposited. Please remove them from the container before depositing.  Containers are transported by Cleanaways to Claw Environmental Recycling Perth – Polystyrene Recycling  Transition Bridgetown are now registered to gratefully accept the donation of any refunds you receive from the Containers For Change scheme. If you do not already have a preferred community group to which you contribute your refunds, we would welcome your donations towards our costs of printing/photocopying, etc.  Our ID is C10461241.

Other recycling facilities available in town

  • E-waste [computers, laptops, modems etc] Bridgetown Computers 1/101 Hampton St Bridgetown Ph 9761 4430 or Trish on 0419 912 126·
  • Aluminium cans, motor vehicle batteries, batteries of all sorts – the Lions Group   lions6255@gmail.com
  • Clothing, books, toys, household items –YeOp Shop, St Paul’s Op Shop
  • Books -the Bridgetown Library  Ph 9761 2503·
  • Wool, yarn, material, ribbon, buttons, textiles – Bridgetown Arts and Crafts  Ph 97611288
  • Hearing aid batteries Pharmacy 777 These will be shipped to eco-cycle, where the metals are recycled as scrap metal and the mercury is used in the manufacture of dental amalgam. Battery Waste Disposal And Recycling – Ecobatt (ecocycle.com.au)
  • Batteries – Mitre 10
  • Ink print cartridges – Post Office , Mitre 10, Newsagents
  • Used Stamps – Post Office
  • Old Bedding – Bridgetown Kennels
  • Timber, recycled wood – Men’s Shed Ph  9761 1288·
  • Furniture – Bridgetown Buy Swap &  Sell, Tip Shop·
  • Garden tools – Ashbil Community Garden Bridgetown
  • Plastic Labels from plant potsHillview Nursery
  • Surplus produce Ashbil Community Garden Bridgetown, Produce Swap @ Bridgetown Hub or online at  Facebook/Bridgetown Produce Swap

Bridgetown Waste Management Facility

  • Fluro light globes
  • timber,
  • household batteries,
  • clean eligible drumMUSTER agricultural drums,
  • dry flattened cardboard
  • Car batteries
  • Mattresses with metal springs
  • E-waste
  • Fridges, Microwaves and other metal white goods
  • Old (but in good condition) furniture and all other items you would take to an Op Shop (excluding clothes and shoes)
  • Car/truck/motorbike tyres
  • Used engine oil
  • Scrap metal ( free of wood or other non-metal components)

Bridgetown-Boyup Brook Road approximately 4km from the town centre

Monday & Tuesday Closed
Wednesday & Thursday 7.30am to 12.00pm
Friday 7.30am to 11.00am
Saturday & Sunday 9.00am to 4.00pm

Yellow lidded Kerbside Bin

Commingled waste recycling bin (cleanaway.com.au)  At collection, the driver will do a visual check of the recycling bin to ensure there’s no contamination – like plastic bags, food,nappies or textiles. The recyclables will then be transported to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for processing. A combination of automated machinery and manual sorters sort the recyclables into different streams to be baled.

Detailed information on what can and cannot be put in our kerbside yellow lidded bins can be found here  Cleanaway what can i recycle’ flyer – February 2021   

Acceptable Plastic in our recycling bins 

Please note that Cleanaways are no longer recycling hard plastics (resin code 5) nor black plastic. Acceptable plastics are PET and HDPE

 Water, soft drink and sport drink bottles, condiment bottles, peanut butter, Vegemite and jam jars

Milk and Juice bottles, detergent,

(some) shampoo and conditioner bottles


In addition, our Shire has recycling bin stickers available (see below) to help you remember what can be placed in your recycling bin. Stickers can be collected from Shire administration.

See our Shire’s website for more info on Waste Management » Shire of Bridgetown 

and Materials A-Z – Recycle Right for a simple guide on  “how do I dispose of this ?” 

For more detailed information see the You-Tube video Links below, produced by RecycleRight