Food “Waste”




Why is Food Waste important? Why are we bothering?
As promised, here are the answers to the Food Waste Quiz.

Answers to Food Waste in Australia – Quiz

  • 40% of the average household rubbish bin is food waste
  • The $ value of food thrown away each year by the average Australian household is $1,036
  • If you added up all the food Australia wastes each year, it would fill 450.000 garbage trucks 
  • 1460 gigalitres of water are used each year to produce food that is thrown “away”
  • 3.2 million tons of food is sent to landfill each year
  • Food waste costs Australian farmers $2.8 billion annually
  • The economic cost of food waste in Australia is $20 billion per year

Power point presentation on Food Waste 

This presentation is full of useful information on

  • What can we do before FOGO, or if we live outside of the Bridgetown-Greenbushes kerbside collection area
  • What we can do with our household food waste if we don’t keep animals and don’t have space or don’t want to compost
  • What we can do if we have extra food
  • Apps and websites and booklets to help us identify the source of our “supermarket” food and the ethical status of the food producer/packer

Food Waste presentation Jan 2021

Apps and online resources

Sharewaste is a free mobile and web app  which connects people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps with neighbours who are already composting or have chickens or worms farms

ShareWaste – Give your waste a second chance!