D is for Dancing and Decluttering



Marina demonstrates traditional dance

Image: local resident Marina Bistrin demonstrating a traditional dance with handheld fans

Recently I participated in an international book group that discussed the book, ‘Surviving the future’ written by David Fleming. What was interesting about this book was the emphasis placed on celebration, ritual, music and dance. I began to wonder what is available locally here in Banyule?

While I haven’t experienced her classes myself I discovered that here in Macleod we are lucky enough to have a local adult dance teacher, Marina Bistrin. You can see her write up here.

Are there many places for adults to go to dance? Apart from your living room is there a place where you dance?



Image: stuff in boxes and on the floor of a garage, i.e. clutter being sorted out

If your house is full of possessions that make you happy every day, your stuff is not likely to be clutter. If, on the other hand, your stuff is weighing you down, you might enjoy clearing some of it out to make more space for the good life.

Local Transition groups, Banyule City Council and our local libraries have organised decluttering workshops with eco-organiser Tania Lewis, who uses her ‘10Rs’, and Cecilia Macaulay, who lives in Banyule and teaches ecological design through her workshops. She also presents decluttering webinars where you can begin implementing her design ideas in real time when you tune in from home.

Note that local op shops will thank you if you only donate high quality items. If you have stuff that needs repair, try offering it directly to someone who can fix it via local Facebook groups such as Rough Trade 3081, Rough Trade 3087, and Banyule Hard Rubbish Rescue.