Follow the lead of Highett Neighbourhood Community House and consider arranging a community bus for your next event.

Community buses are an efficient mode of transport for large events as it creates less fuel emissions than each attendee using their car.

Highett Neighbourhood Community House (HNCH) used a community bus last year to transport crowds to/from the ‘Highett Hub Livingston Street Party’. The bus did a loop from Peterson Street Reserve to the event in Livingston Street, stopping at normal bus stops on the way. In addition to the community bus, HNCH organised a ‘walking bus’ from Moorabbin Primary and St Agnes to the event.

“Using a community bus added a sustainable element to our event and freed up congested surrounding streets” Manager Melanie Tighe explains.

“It will definitely feature at more of our larger events, including this year’s Street Party on the 16th of November”.