tiles for Solar PV, Getting off Gas, electric Vehicles, and Energy Efficiency

Are you involved with a community organisation, social enterprise or other not-for-profit group?

a box of vegies delivered by Ceres Fair Food and the electric delivery van

Ceres Fair Food delivery using electric van funded by CORENA

Such organisations are invited to apply for a zero-interest loan to help fund climate-beneficial projects anywhere in Australia such as:

  • installing solar panels
  • improving energy efficiency
  • switching away from fossil gas use or
  • purchasing electric vehicles

cartoon showing a bathtub filled by donations IN, emptied by donations OUT, and refilled by Loan Repayments INWho is behind this wonderful offer?

CORENA – a non-profit organisation focused on helping community organisations deliver projects that achieve immediate reductions in carbon emissions and costs.

The public donate the funds and you receive independent advice on reducing energy bills and a zero-interest loan to fund your project.

Many groups find this much easier than a grant as the process is not competitive and CORENA are able to assist the group to develop a good project.

The resultant savings on energy/fuel bills cover the loan repayments which CORENA re-invests to help other community organisations.

solar panels for Moss Vale Community Garden NSW

This means you can do your part to help tackle the climate emergency without diverting any of your budget away from delivering services to your community.

And when your project has ‘paid for itself’ you’ll have lower operating costs, meaning more money available for your core purpose.

One of the earliest projects was a solar panels installation for Moss Vale community garden in NSW.

A more recent project is an electric delivery van for Ceres Fair Food in Victoria.

Other examples are :

      • 15KW Solar installation for Parkholme Community Child Care in SA
      • Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre in Qld
      • Walpole Community Resource Centre in WA and
      • Coast FM Wynyard community radio studio in Tas.

Solar panels for Parkholme Community Child Care, SA

On the CORENA website scroll to Completed Projects for full details of these projects and more.

For more information see corenafund.org.au

Compiled by editors from information supplied by Sarah McCabe at CORENA

June 2022