Upskilling 2021

Transition BanyuleCommunity

Our main project for 2021 is a program of training workshops for local sustainability group members, part funded by a Banyule City Council Environment Grant.

We are building the capacity of members of sustainability groups in Banyule to become more effective at catalysing change.

Thanks to members of our network for making this project happen: Maria, Megan, Robyn, Jo, Heather for requesting/suggesting/recommending training topics, Jon for grant writing, Julie for event design, and all the participants from our local groups.

Details about the training topics:

Groupwork: Harness the power of groups to build more than the sum of our parts. See

Sociocracy is a governance system, just like democracy or corporate governance methods. It’s best suited for organizations that want to self-govern based on the values of equality. Some people refer to sociocracy as Dynamic Self-Governance or simply Dynamic Governance. See

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) supports us to understand ourselves and each other by drawing our attention to our inner needs. With this as the foundation of our relationship with ourselves and others, we have the opportunity to become aligned with our true nature and build peace in ourselves, our relationships and our world. See

Digital Storytelling: All our communication tells a story – our conversations, our community group newsletters, our community events. When we are clear about the purpose, audience and intended outcomes of our stories, they become effective. The Stories for Impact workshop by Digital Storytellers clearly communicates how to design our stories to have impact! See

Rough Timeline:

January 2021 – NVC workshop

March 2021 – Group facilitation (half-day) workshop; Sociocracy self-guided program

March-September 2021 – Follow up activities to support application of learning

September 2021 – Digital Storytelling online

October 2021 – Final video stories to be completed

Workshop details for participants:

Stories for Impact (digital storytelling)

Tell your local sustainability group’s story through video!

The ‘Stories for Impact’ online workshop teaches you how to find, make, edit and share your video story using a smartphone. Work on your own or with one other member of your Banyule sustainability group to create a short (3-4 minute) film which celebrates your group’s achievements.
Participants have access to the training materials for 12 months and will be supported to access microphones and video editing software during this project from August to October. The course will take approx. 2-3 hours per week over 6 weeks to complete, although you can choose to complete it over a weekend!
The course is fun, very clearly presented and empowers you as a storyteller.
See the registration page on the Digital Storytellers website for course details:
Cost: The $150 fee paid by participants on registration will be fully reimbursed by Transition Banyule Network in October after completed films are submitted for Banyule City Council’s Change Makers event and exhibition. If this fee is a barrier, let us know.
What to do: Sign up for training in August. Work through the online course at your own pace. By early October, create a 3-4 minute video story about your local group. The videos will be screened at Banyule City Council’s Change Makers video exhibition on October 21st.
Contact us by email or text Penelope on 0492 988 325 to take up a place for your group.
This training is funded by a Banyule City Council Environment Grant.
The online course is the same as that offered by Banyule City Council’s Change Makers program which is now fully booked. Details here:
Members of these local groups are participating: Friends of Banyule, Friends of Salt Creek and Rosanna Parklands, St John’s Riverside Community Garden, PopUp Pantry Macleod, Monty Community Hub, Transition Warringal and Sustainable Macleod.