Transition to a Safe Climate 2018

Transition Banyule

 2018creating a new story for Banyule – a community conference 4 & 5 MAY 2018 AT MACLEOD COLLEGE

Emergency action in the face of Climate Change

This was the first local conference on climate change held in Banyule.

It brought together a diverse group of residents representing all of Banyule’s suburbs and its varied community groups.

165 people attended, his talk had a huge impact.

8On Saturday 5 May 85 people participated in a full day workshop, facilitated by Gilbert Rochecouste of Village Well, to develop big ideas for community projects in Banyule.

We ensured the fees were affordable: Full conference $25, or Fri evening only $15.

When people booked through Trybooking, we gave them the option to donate as well.

So the income from fees, donations and funding from Banyule Council covered the financial cost of the conference, thanks to:

1) the incredible generosity of our caterer who only charged for the cost of ingredients, and

2) the many volunteer hours put in by the project team and numerous helpers.

The conference/workshop day led to plenty of discussions and heaps of ideas for how Banyule can improve!

There was an art program for school age children to envisage a world they would like to live in, and childcare for under-5s.




The conference was organised by the local network of Transition groups – Transition Banyule, Sustainable Macleod, Transition 3081, Transition Warringal, Sustainable Greensborough, and Montmorency Community Group.

Who could attend? Anyone interested in finding out how they can take action to tackle climate change in their local community.

It was sponsored by Macleod College and Olympic Adult Education, and supported by a Banyule City Council Environmental Sustainability Grant