Transition Towns Maroondah Inc.

About Us

Transition Towns Maroondah is a small branch of the Transition Australia Network, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are active participants in building a sustainability HUB in the area otherwise known as The Bedford Park Community Garden. This hub of activity involves relevant courses in gardening and sustainability including beekeeping, mushroom growing, fermenting and seed raising. The garden itself is currently in the building phase and is based on permaculture design principles. Another key feature of the hub is the Eastern Region Food Co-Op. The food co-op has grown exponentially in recent years and incorporates fresh fruit and vegies, toilet paper, honey and non-perishable food items. We are proud to assist in the management of food sustainability, waste reduction and fair trade practices in the local area. For more information you can visit our Facebook page at: or view many of our current events via the Bedford Park Facebook page at: or view our Co-Operative happenings at: