About Us

Transition Streets are for renters and home owners. They are for linking up with our neighbours to make our homes and even our streets more energy efficient, less resources dependent (oil, coal, gas and other resources), more self-reliant with food, less wasteful, healthier and more enjoyable places to live.

Lets turn our streets into neighborhoods.

Transition Streets is what you make it.
Allows you to measure, and take meaningful action to reduce your environmental footprint.
Increase your self-reliance and resilience.
Share tips and techniques for saving energy, water AND money.
It should be creative, supportive and fun!
To begin, get in touch with Monica on 0439390557. We have a way of helping you find interested neighbours quickly. Most groups start with approximately 6-10 households (renters and home owners are welcome) within easy walking distance. Your group then decides when to meet, and what to talk about; although a handy workbook is provided as a guide, with small actions you can make each month. Many actions or challenges are free !