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Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre
Trott Park, SA 5158

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Progressive Australia Movement stands for caring for the environment, an independent national identity, ethical governance, strengthening social cohesion, and a fair economy.

Progressive Australia Movement supports decentralising the economy, which in practice includes supporting local government, rural and regional townships, and community groups, in order to build community solidarity and the community economy. There are many aspects to this endeavour, and a movement has to address them all.

Think in terms of transforming the globalised economy into a predominately localised economy, which also brings back Australian manufacturing.

Water in Australia is a precious resource – let’s manage it properly. Agriculture also must be developed in a sustainable manner.

As far as possible, businesses should be run co-operatively.

We also have to develop a genuine partnership with First Nations people.

Ethical governance is also essential for Australia’s development, as is strengthening social cohesion.