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Griffiths Island is a sanctuary for plants, birds and animals with a large breeding colony of short-tailed shearwaters.
Friends of Griffith Island (FOGI) focuses on protecting the ecology of Griffiths Island and supporting it as a major tourist attraction.
The Friends of Griffiths Island aims to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of Griffiths Island and its environs.
  • protect indigenous flora, fauna and migratory bird species.
  • protect its geological features.
  • revegetate it with native flora 
  • control introduced wildlife predators.
  • enhance visitor experience with minimal impact on its ecology.
  • utilise Griffiths it as a place of community education.

Switch off for Shearwaters :

Every year, Short-tailed Shearwaters embark on an extraordinary migration, travelling over 15,000 km to return to their nesting grounds on Griffiths Island. Here, they raise their chicks over the summer months. However, as autumn arrives, adult Shearwaters leave their young chicks in late April to continue their migration journey.

At just 3 months old, the young fledglings are left in the colony until they are ready to follow the same migration path to the top of the Pacific Ocean to the Aleutian Islands as their parents. What’s truly remarkable is that these fledglings navigate the journey on their own, without parental guidance. They rely on scent receptors and the moon to guide them through the vast ocean.

Help us by:

  • Switching off external house lighting,

  • Shielding bright external lights.

  • Keeping an eye out for the young Shearwaters landing in unusual places, in and around town.

Before taking their first flights, the fledglings practice taking off and landing. However, they can be affected by light pollution, especially on windy, moonless nights. With limited eyesight, bright white lights from artificial lights like streetlights and outside house lights can disorientate them, causing distractions from natural cues like the moon. This puts them at risk of landing in unfamiliar places and encountering predators or vehicles.

 You can help the Short-tailed shearwaters by being involved in the Friends of Griffith Island community program: ‘Switch off for Shearwaters’ between 10 April – 15 May.

In partnership with the MSC we have developed a management plan to switch off non-essential lighting, shield and changing lights to minimise the effect on wildlife. The MSC also conducts fox control to assist the Short-tailed Shearwater colony at Griffiths Island.

Our partnership helps the remaining colony of approximately 20,000 Short-tailed Shearwaters continue to thrive on Griffiths Island

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