Nature for Life Rally


Thursday 28th of November 2019 12:00 pm

It’s very clear from the current state of Victoria’s environment that bold action is needed by the Andrews Government to protect the places and wildlife we love – our National Parks, forests, rivers, beaches, oceans, native plants and animals.

On Thursday 28 November, the fifth anniversary of the election of the Andrews Government, environment and community groups from across Victoria will rally together to demand real action to protect Victoria’s nature. Will you join us?

As Victoria’s biodiversity continues to rapidly decline, habitats become more stressed, species become more threatened, and the climate crisis escalates, we can’t waste any more time. So let’s get together to show our community expects more action by the Andrews Government to address these urgent problems.

We will be urging for:
– New and better funded National Parks
– Better protection for our forests, rivers, beaches, oceans and wildlife.
– Stronger laws to protect threatened species and habitats that address the size of the crisis we are facing.

We need to make sure there are thousands of us to demonstrate that people who know and care about nature want action – that Victorians want new National Parks and better protection for nature. The current lack of leadership to protect nature is real. However the rally will not be all doom and gloom. We want to deliver a positive message of what can and should be done in this term of government to protect nature. To make this happen, we need everyone to bring a banner, sign, puppet or other craft work to represent the special place you think deserves better from the government.

To make this rally have the biggest impact possible we need your help! Please spread the word by:
– Sharing the Facebook event
– Inviting your friends and family
– Sticking up posters or handing out fliers in your neighbourhood (contacts below).

We hope you can join with us to stand up for our forests, rivers, beaches, oceans and wildlife and demand more respect for life and protection for nature.

Please contact Sarah Day ( to order promotion posters and fliers to put up in your local community, or for more information.

Thursday 28th of November 2019
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Victorian Parliament, Spring St
East Melbourne, VIC 3002

Sarah Day

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Victorian National Parks Association

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