Conversation Cafe: Connect and Share


Sunday 9th of February 2020 8:00 pm

To be effective at working together to address the world’s most wicked problems of climate change, consumption, waste and fragile communities we need to meet, engage and share what we are doing and how we can make it more powerful. Simple problems can be solved by individuals, complex problems require complex solutions put in action by groups and communities.

That’s what the conversation café is all about. It’s a space where we can talk about what we are doing, ask for support on those things that are causing us problems and dig in to how we can utilise transition culture to move to a resilient, sustainable and equitable future.

Each month we choose a different focus to guide our conversations, that touch on ideas of inner transition, real democracy, ‘hot’ issues or the opportunity to learn more about what Transition and other sustainability groups are doing around the country

This month our focus is ‘Connect and Share’. This is an opportunity for Transition and other like-minded sustainability groups to share what they are doing, hear what others are doing and share resources to make actions more efficient and impactful. This month we are going to be looking at the Transition Streets framework and how it might be able to add a ‘hyper-local’ aspect to your Transition Agenda.

To be part of this meeting simply follow the link below on Sunday 9th Feb 8pm AEDT (Qld 7pm, SA 7.30pm, WA 5pm, NT 6.30pm )

You can also go to and click ‘join a meeting’ and enter the meeting ID number 949 753 028

The Conversation café is hosted in an online ‘zoom’ platform which enables connection regardless of distance. Each month has a new web-link which will lead you straight to the forum. We explain how to use the software at the beginning of the session so whether you are a technological native or a first timer you will be looked after. We recommend that you use a headphones and microphone (like the ones that generally come with your phone) as this reduces background noise.

If you have any questions about this session, or to let us know you intend to participate, email

Sunday 9th of February 2020
8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Wherever you are, VIC 3071

Paul Shelton

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