Transition Banyule started in October 2009, inspired by the worldwide Transition movement and in particular the training offered in Australia by a visiting team from Totnes, UK, February 2009.


Our aim is to act as a catalyst in building resilient, re-localised, low carbon, thriving communities in response to climate change




Transition movement in Banyule

We focus on the local government area of Banyule in Melbourne. Banyule has a population of 127,000 and has 21 suburbs bounded by the Yarra River and Darebin Creek. We have found that people connect more effectively with a community of 3,000 people, say, rather than 120,000. So we have actively nurtured and encouraged Transition groups that are based on a local suburb or postcode.Thus the Transition groups within our Banyule area are:

These Transition groups run events and hands-on projects and indeed the wide range of projects that any Transition group would undertake, focused on their local area.


What we do

Meanwhile programs for the whole of Banyule are generally organised by a collaborative project team with people from the various groups, under the banner of Transition Banyule, such as:

  • Transition training workshops
  • Edible garden tours (2011-2015)
  • Creative projects such as “drawing in edible gardens”
  • “Transforming conflict” workshops
  • Community planning and visioning sessions
  • Transport forums and events
  • The Transition Streets program
  • Transition to a Safe Climate Conference 2018 (together with Sustainable Macleod)

Transition Banyule also

  • Encourages development of local transition groups and coordinates communication between them.
  • Initiates new projects such as Co-housing Banyule, nature strip lobby group, Transition Streets
  • Lobbies Council via input to community plan and specific issues
  • Liaises with the wider transition movement
  • Represents Transition in the wider community, for example presentation at MAV conference Power to the People Sept 2016