Convivial Kitchen and Garden

Convivial Kitchen and Garden is about learning new skills, engaging in hands-on workshops or watching practical demonstrations. We learn cooking skills, gardening skills, and other useful things. It’s community run, so either a facilitator comes in or it is led by a local person.

Citrus season.jpg

These workshops have been running since 2014 and have been run a few times a year. People learned how to make kimchi, sourdough bread, make bee hotels, prune fruit trees, beeswax wraps and natural cosmetics, and do a host of other things. Skill sharing is the essence of Transition Towns, so where possible, local people teach local people.


If you have knowledge to share, would like to learn a particular skill, or want to help out with organising, please send us an email at, or leave a message on our FB page Transition Darebin.