Transition Banyule Network

Transition Banyule

Transition Banyule network groups Montmorency Community Group Inc Dedicated to creating a sustainable and resilient Montmorency. Activities include veggie swap 1st Sunday each month. Monthly email newsletter. Website: Email: Transition 3081 Focused on postcode 3081 – Heidelberg West, Heidelberg Heights and Bellfield Activities include veggie swap 1st Sat each month, active Facebook page and a monthly community gathering … Read More

Cohousing Australia


Welcome to COHOUSING AUSTRALIA A civil society co-operative, comprising of and supporting individuals, groups, communities, academics, advocates, professionals, and you, to expand the collaborative housing sector in Australia. Welcome, find out more, contact us, become a member, and join the community. What is Cohousing? Cohousing is a sustainable and affordable approach to living in community. Cohousing communities are intentional communities, … Read More

Transition Town Maribyrnong

Transition Maribyrnong

Transition Maribyrnong is a local initiative that is working (and playing) to build a resilient and connected community that thinks globally and acts neighbourly. Our interests include backyard and community gardening, sharing practical skills, reducing waste, encouraging public and active transport, promoting a more localised economy, and celebrating existing and new friendships! In permaculture terms, we value caring for people, … Read More